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About Us

Use our whole range of services that will greatly facilitate and optimize your business activities in Ukraine. EastOffice will provide you with the services of a virtual office, reception, mail processing, lease of office premises and further complex consulting services.

East Office was started within the framework of the project DRUZBA SLOVAKIA – UKRAINE, which is co-financed by the Norway financial mechanism and the state budget of the Slovak Republic. It is coordinated by the charitable organization Transcarpathian Agency for Investments, Innovations and Development, located in Uzhgorod, Goydy St., 8, 88000. This organization was established in 2009 to promote the development of Transcarpathian region and cross-border cooperation between neighboring states.

Discover the advantages of East Office

Stable and lucrative address

Increase prestige of Your company by providing it with a lucrative registered address, premium services and representative setting.


All the services are provided in 4 languages (SK, UA, RU, EN).

Post that is available online

All your post is stored in the information system that you access through a mobile application


Apart from the services offered by East Office you will become a member of EastPort and will be provided with complex advisory services in accounting, advertising, marketing etc.

Services for foreign persons

We provide foreign persons with a full range of services associated with setting up their business, getting a residence permit or citizenship in Ukraine etc.

Reduction of business expenses

Don’t waste your money renting office and buying office equipment. Save when registering your company with East Office and take full advantage of our services and space.

Consent to provide a registered address (location of a company)

When establishing a company you must have a registered address. The address of the newly formed company will be the building, which belongs to Transcarpathian Agency for Investments, located in Uzhgorod, Goydy St., 8.

We work with natural persons as well as with non-commercial organizations, non-governmental associations and other legal bodies that don’t perform any business activities.

Mailbox designation

The mailbox at 8, Goydy St., Uzhgorod will get your company’s name in order to ensure that any post is properly delivered.

Mail processing

We will ensure a proper delivery of the mail sent to your company’s address as well as the registered mail that is supposed to be handed to the addressee. We will inform you about all postal items by sending you notification e-mails.

Then we will scan your mail and forward it to the cloud storage that you will have a constant access to through your login information. The content of your scanned mail will be available for viewing online and downloading whenever and wherever you are.

Lease of meeting rooms

You are welcome to rent our exclusive space for negotiations and learning that can be used not only for negotiations and business meetings with partners and clients, but also for group courses, seminars, studying and other activities of this kind. Our meeting rooms are technically equipped (access to the Internet, projection apparatus, screen and Smart TV).

The rental costs include:

  • Central reception services
  • Internet
  • Facilities and technical equipment for meeting rooms
  • Basic catering
  • Mineral water, coffee, tea

Virtual assistant

Due to the services of our Virtual personal assistant you won’t have to worry about your administrative tasks, while payment will be required only for the time during which the assistant actually worked for you.

The Virtual personal assistant has the following responsibilities:

to represent your company during negotiations at public institutions, take care of your parking card, book a car, get you extracts from the register, confirmations from public institutions and insurance companies.

to process your documents, perform text correction, deal with business correspondence, edit your presentations

to take care of your work schedule including meetings with your business partners

to write a report of proceedings at a meeting in Slovak, Ukrainian, Russian or English

to book a hotel or tickets

to provide you with a wide range of other services based on your wishes

Call centrum

This service represents a reliable and multilingual secretariat that answers all phone calls on behalf of your company, processes your messages and sends them to you in a pre-agreed way (e-mail, SMS, phone call).


Price list

Entrepreneurs Member of EastPort Non-profit sector
20 eur / month 15 eur / month 10 eur / month
Consent to provide a registered address
Mailbox designation
Mail processing
Call center
Lease of meeting rooms 5 eur / h 5 eur / h 5 eur / h
Lease of seminar rooms 10 eur / h 10 eur / h 10 eur / h
Virtual assistant 8 eur / h 8 eur / h 8 eur / h

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